Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Setting out to go to St Ives

We are off to St Ives! David Binch of Oakwood Gallery (oakwood.gallery@btinternet.com) collected me from Mike and Annie's place and we set off through the New Forest, our first stop being Wells. Please indulge me in my interest in another cathedral but our visits to four potters before reaching Cornwall should be interesting for you. We visit Johnny Leach, Clive Bowen, Svend Bayer and Lisa Hammond before reaching St Ives.


  1. That's amazing, Bruce. I do believe that the B&B we stayed at in Wells is just to the right in the lower of the two photographs. Seems to me the cathedral chapter house is above and to the left there just before you go through that opening to the front of the cathedral. We loved Wells. The cathedral is stunning and the town itself is lovely. And there's a second big church there where we stood outside and watched the bell-ringers rehearse in the tower. Thanks for bringing that all back.

  2. Excellent pottery road trip Bruce. Look forward to seeing more pictures from your travels