Monday, March 14, 2011

John and David

As we all are, I am sure Bernard would have been shocked and devastated by the news of the very large earthquake in Japan. All my friends in Japan are safe but, I think they are all somewhat traumatised. John Leach is a much bigger man than Bernard ever was and these pictures show just a little of his pottery complex.


  1. Hi Bruce,
    It is terrible news from Japan. I have heard from my friends there that Mashiko has suffered quite badly, thankfully everyone is OK, however the town is damaged and many of the kilns have collasped. Many pots in the Mingikan have been damaged, about 70% of the Shoji Hamada pieces have sustained damage. Kilns can be rebuilt and will be I'm sure. For the rest of the northern area of Japan I'm shocked beyond words to see the destruction and the loss of life.

  2. It's good to see the Muchelney pottery, Bruce. We were there several years ago. I'm glad to hear your friends in Japan are safe, but the damage and loss of life is devastating.