Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ancient Floor Tiles

These decorated clay tiles date from the very early part of the construction of Salisbury Cathedral. I had not realised that English slip-ware was made so early. The stone floor was wonderfully laid and the wear of many footsteps over the centuries added to its beauty. There were also many tomb stones set in the floors that people just seemed to walk over but, out of respect, I always walked around.


  1. I really like old English tiles, I have two books on them. One day I may make a few replicas.

  2. I love the old tiles in the cathedral and church floors, Bruce. On our visit to Wells Cathedral several years ago, we went through the doorway to the chapter room stairs and saw the stunning view of the worn stone steps leading upward. I had seen a photograph of the same steps by Frederick Evans years before, when I was just starting in photography. It was a moving moment, as it always is in any of those old buildings.