Friday, February 14, 2014

The Heron Migrates

After a false start in December I am now happy to introduce my book "The Heron Migrates" which is the story of how a Japanese anagama kiln came to New Zealand.  It is from Estelle's and my diaries from our times in Japan and the building and firing of our Kamaka anagama.  It is a soft cover book and there are about 400 photographs and drawings contained in its 160 pages.

The Heron Migrates can be purchased from me at  Price is NZ$45.00 plus postage.
Postage costs are for New Zealand $6.00.  Australia NZ$13.50.  Rest of world NZ$25.00. Payment by Pay Pal to  Please email me with your postal address and a copy will be on its way.

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