Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exhibition of Pots From The Kamaka Collection

Last Wednesday my exhibition of "Pots from The Collection" opened at the Black Barn Gallery at Havelock North. It would have been nice if you could have been there. The photo used for the invitation was taken by Derek Henderson, a professional photographer based in Sydeny, Australia. The photos on the Black Barn website ( are all mine. Please enjoy.


  1. I'm sorry not to be at the show, Bruce. It looks like a good one. I'll check out the Black Barn site, too. Congratulations on the show.

  2. Thanks for this and enlightening us with such wonderful makers of pottery. I will now go and take a look at the Gallery's site.

  3. I wish we could come see this, it would be great to see the pots out in an exhibition space, arranged. The red square mats are a nice display accessory x