Saturday, October 22, 2011

Copper Glazed Pots from Yunotsu.

These copper glazed pots were made by Umeo Yamamoto-san at Yunotsu, Japan. I am not sure whether the colours were from the natural materials he used or the way he fired but I had never seen a copper glaze with so much variation of colour before. Sadly we could not communicate very well so it was hard to be sure of his techniques.


  1. The second one especially is a curiousity in the colors, wonderful.

  2. Beautiful pots. I love the surface on the vase.

  3. As a new subscriber to your blog and busy reading all entries going back a little at a time, thank you for all your wonderful listings and informative details. I have also caught your firings on youtube and am mesmerized by the way you fire the anagama.