Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jomon Chards

The comment to yesterday's blog was whether we had seen any chards? We did not see any and being a Heritage Site we would not have been allowed to take any away. These Jomon chards, however, were given to us by people who lived where there were thousands of pieces of broken pottery. They lived in Chiba which is East of Tokyo and these pieces would have been from the very early Jomon era and would date back from about 7000 or more years ago.


  1. Some fantastic ancient shards there Bruce! Wow. Did you ever travel to Fiji and find any Lapita pottery shards? Not as old but I wonder if there are some similarities in design. I have a good selection of German Bellarmine bottle shards from the 16th Century AD....Masks and Medallions.

  2. We only ever passed through Fiji on our way to Japan and did not study their pottery or see any chards. Many years ago we were visited by some Fijian potters who made some traditional work but it was not decorated in any way.